What kind of reports will Landlord generate? Can I customize Landlord for my organization? Can I use Landlord Enterprise on more than one computer? What kind of Tenant information can I track? What kind of Unit information can I track? I have pictures of floor plans and unit interiors. Can I use them with Landlord? Will Landlord keep track of who owes rent? How can I manage houses/units with multiple renters on the lease? Can I print receipts? Does Landlord enable me to create Tenant Applications? What about other documents? I need to keep track of Income and Expenses. Any help? Can I use Landlord to keep track of my suppliers & contractors? What are Maintenance Logs? Will Landlord allow me to keep track of equipment? Will Landlord run on my computer? Will Landlord Enterprise work with Quickbooks?

Did You Know?

  • Import Tenants from Excel
  • Landlord Enterprise will allow you to import Tenant information from any CSV file (text file), including those created in Excel.
  • Save Time with Less Clicking
  • The 'Collect Bulk Payment' feature will allow you collect ALL of your rental payments on one screen - in less than 10 seconds.
  • Use Your Own Forms with Program Data
  • Landlord Enterprise allows you to copy and paste from any Word or PDF document, and use fields from the database to automatically personalize any letter, form, or contract.