Manage Tenants & Units
Manage Tenants & Units Landlord Enterprise makes tenant and unit management easy and efficient. Instantly see the status of all of your rentals. Landlord Enterprise allows you to store and track an enormous amount of information about your tenants, including occupants, banking Info, vehicles, pets, credit cards, SSN, employer information, and photos.
Collect Payments & Print Receipts
Collect Payments & Print Receipts Collect rent and miscellaneous payments. Add your own custom payment types, such as parking fees, key deposits, storage fees, and more. Instantly see how much is owing for any particular due date.
Supports any Leasing Scenario
Supports any Leasing Scenario All lease types and payment frequencies are supported, as well as all common types of late fee and deposit configurations. Prorating rent and partial payments are also supported. Landlord Enterprise supports detached units (eg. single-family dwellings), or multi-unit buildings (eg. apartment complexes).
Lease, Letter & Form Templates
Lease, Letter & Form Templates Auto-generate leases and application forms – just print & email. Includes a variety of common forms, letters, and checklists to get you started, or import your own!
Track Income & Expenses
Track Income & Expenses Landlord Enterprise comes complete will a full income and expense ledger. Manage income and expenses for any number of accounts or categories, and track inflows/outflows by tenant, unit, or building.
Credit & Criminal Background Checks
Credit & Criminal Background Checks Minimize your risk beforehand by running credit checks, state or federal criminal background reports, and sex offender searches on all applicants. Service provided by a third-party credit reporting bureau; additional charges apply.
Track Maintenance & Repair Issues
Track Maintenance & Repair Issues Track every maintenance issue and work order. Assign vendors, track costs and estimates, manage invoice numbers, assign status and priority.
Schedule, Task & Reminders
Schedule, Task & Reminders Landlord Enterprise includes a comprehensive scheduling & task modules. Link any task or appointment to tenants or units, and get reminders about important events or todo items.
Powerful Reports
Powerful Reports Fully equipped with over 30 reports to allow you to easily see the big picture for your business. Run rent roll, print tenant contact histories, and many more. All reports can be exported to Word, Excel or PDF formats.
Multi-User, Networkable Database
Multi-User, Networkable Database Share data easily – three simple steps to create networked databases that everyone in the office can connect to! Database files are portable, too, and can be emailed to anyone with Landlord Enterprise installed.
Easily Configurable
Easily Configurable Customizable for your region, Landlord Enterprise supports most telephone and post code formats, email server settings, and calendar preferences. You can also add your company’s logo to display on reports and forms. Go even further by adding custom text and date fields.
Support & Documentation
Support & Documentation Documentation is built into the software and the helpful start page will walk you through your initial setup. Tech support is included, and we also give you access to our users forum, where you can post questions and help other landlords with answers or tips.
“Remarkable! We’ve never worked with a company before who have been so responsive to our needs in such a timely fashion. We needed some minor customizations to the software to suit our business. The staff were always available, patient, sent examples of the changes being made, and returned the new version to us in a very short period of time.”
“Far cheaper than competing products and allows unlimited number of properties – we didn’t want to be restricted as we grow our business. Contained all the primary features that are important to us – managing leases and collecting rent.”
Adam SealeBrownsburg, IN